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Re: Re: My tor exit node is gone from the node list?


> How odd. It is still publishing descriptors, and the directory
> authorities are still testing its reachability. In particular, here
> are the six votes from the six directory authorities:
> [...]
> So that's why it's missing. But, why is it not considered reachable from
> three of them? I'm not sure.

I am still trying to solve this. Since my last mail, I also let TOR regenerate the keys, so kyirong's fingerprint now is 849D 45A3 2335 5EB3 4F73 2EF5 DB43 0B90 6A21 DAAE (, DirPort 80, ORPort 8010; uptime 24/7). It is still not listed. The node is reachable from multiple locations (judging from my limited way of testing). If someone can give me hints towards unreachable routes, I can ask my ISP about that.

Any ideas on what to try next?


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