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Re: Tor Exit Node Sponsorship - looking for partners

Hi everyone,

> Have you guys thought organizing a (very) public Kickstarter.com
> project for the purpose of raising the funds and creating awareness of
> need?

Kickstarter has three disadvantages:
1) It does not allow recurring fees, you'd have to start a new project
for every payment you want to make. This also means that someone who
funds the first Kickstarter project will not necessarily have to fund
the second one.
2) The creator and benificiary of the project has to be in the USA and
have a bank account there.
3) You can only pledge if you have an Amazon Payments account, for
which you need a credit card. Not everyone has (or wants) one. As much
as I hate to say this, PayPal might be a better alternative here. (Or
simple bank transactions for euroland people).

I quite like the idea of having another big node. While 20 small
non-exit VPS with only a few 100 kilobyte throughput are nice, one big
machine with 150 MBit/s thoughput (~ 100 TB a month) that has an open
exit policy and good abuse handling is nicer. Offering some backup
space and VPN (maybe from a second IP reserved for VPN use) is a nice
incentive too, btw.


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