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Re: Tor Exit Node Sponsorship - looking for partners

thus David Triendl spake:
> Hi everyone,
>> Have you guys thought organizing a (very) public Kickstarter.com
>> project for the purpose of raising the funds and creating awareness of
>> need?
> Kickstarter has three disadvantages:
> 1) It does not allow recurring fees, you'd have to start a new project
> for every payment you want to make. This also means that someone who
> funds the first Kickstarter project will not necessarily have to fund
> the second one.
> 2) The creator and benificiary of the project has to be in the USA and
> have a bank account there.
> 3) You can only pledge if you have an Amazon Payments account, for
> which you need a credit card. Not everyone has (or wants) one. As much
> as I hate to say this, PayPal might be a better alternative here. (Or
> simple bank transactions for euroland people).
> I quite like the idea of having another big node. While 20 small
> non-exit VPS with only a few 100 kilobyte throughput are nice, one big
> machine with 150 MBit/s thoughput (~ 100 TB a month) that has an open
> exit policy and good abuse handling is nicer. Offering some backup
> space and VPN (maybe from a second IP reserved for VPN use) is a nice
> incentive too, btw.


I don't want to be a party-pooper, but installing just another big node
(like blutmagie) would still mean

* relatively (still very low) redundancy

* strong agglomeration of traffic on only a few nodes

(thus leading to)

* relatively simple eavesdropping of exit traffic

When speaking in terms of bandwidth, e.g. 150Mbps, then I'd rather
spread it across n machines with 150Mbps/n each.

Just a thought.

> Cheers,
> David

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