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Re: blutmagie quad core upgrade

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M wrote:
> Hello
> I've been wondering this for a long time. How do you keep your exit node
> running without interference from ISP / local police etc.? Especially
> when it's the largest exit node.

Do a 'whois' for Olaf's IP range... ;)


> I've had two exit-nodes which both we're closed, first by KRP (National
> Criminal Police, finnish) and had all my hardware taken by cops (2008)
> and second one was closed by ISP (2010) even I had informed them about
> Tor-exit and asked if it was okay to run exit node. It was until they
> got first abuse-notices, then they shut the node down. I was able to run
> it about six days.
> I was able to get off the contract because ISP broke their promises.
> M
> Olaf Selke wrote:
>> hello,
>> blutmagie exit node has replaced its former socket 775 core2 duo E8600
>> cpu by a socket 775 core2 quad Q9650. Furthermore memory is upgraded
>> from 4 to 8 GB. Instead of one heavily loaded core which probably has
>> been bad for latency there are now four moderately loaded tor processes
>> running. Blutmagie, blutmagie2, blutmagie3, and blutmagie4 are announced
>> as one family and each core runs safely below 100% cpu load which is
>> hopefully good for latency ;-) BandwidthRate each process is set to 6000 KB.
>> regards Olaf
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