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Re: opening up (exit policy) a bit ...

On 5/8/2010 6:49 PM, John Case wrote:
> I suppose I could see the ratio of actual connections by simply running
> 'netstat', yes ?  If my orport and dirport are 9001/9030, and I am
> allowing port 80 exit, then all netstat connections showing port 80 are
> exit connections, so I could (roughly) calculate these numbers myself,
> right ?

They wouldn't only be exit connections, as many relays use 80/443 or
other combinations of those ports for their orport and dirport, to be
more accessible to users behind restrictive firewalls.  So if you're a
middle node or entry guard in a circuit you could still be making
outgoing connections out to other nodes on those ports.  But you'd
probably get an acceptable approximation anyway.

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