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Re: How to "wrap" applications in Mac OS X?

Responding to part of what you said in the Exit Node Sponsorship thread, this makes me think that something which could be really useful -- and which could certainly lessen the newbie-not-effectively-using-Tor-syndrome: a sort-of launcher and "dashboard" for apps that are to be "Torified" (using torsocks, dsocks, or whatever else). In other words, a panel that they open up, drag apps into, and -- if they are launched from this panel -- get properly wrapped. A simple, green light / red light metaphor could then be used to indicate whether or not they are being run through Tor.

Is that conceivable?

I imagine that from there they could also get warnings if the app is leaking DNS requests and so on (couched of course in simpler terms, 'warning: although Tor is trying to protect you, this application is giving away your private information. Click here to see a recommended replacement')... Leading to a web tool which recommends replacements for 'unsafe' apps.

I can try mocking all of this up if it would be helpful. I imagine that no one would have time to implement it for a while, but if Tor use is starting to become more mainstream the conceptual direction could perhaps be at least mildly useful?


On May 14, 2010, at 12:59 AM, andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> If by GUI applications you mean native OS X carbon/cocoa apps, unlikely
> unless you can launch them from the command line. 

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