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perfect-privacy.com, Family specifications, etc.

     There is someone going by the name of perfect-privacy.com who is
listed in the contact information of roughly 28 relays' descriptors with
widely varying throughput capacities in the tor directory.  These relays'
descriptors are grouped into quite a few separate Family specifications,
although some appear to be orphans without a Family.  I wrote to the
address given in the contact information to ask them to explain/justify
their peculiar non-conformance to the rule about Family specifications,
stating that I would post to this list quite soon, but wanted to give
them a chance to explain/justify their actions first.  That was at 13:25
CDT on 11 May 2010.  I have not received any response.  (So much for the
contact information...)
     I would appreciate having these relays lose their "Valid" flags in
the consensus until such time as their operator(s) group all of them
into a single Family specification.  I hope the authority operators
will take this action in a timely fashion.  Until this situation is
dealt with, it will remain entirely possible that clients may build
circuits whose entire routes consist of perfect-privacy.com's nodes.
     FWIW, I have not thoroughly combed the directory for similar cases.
It is entirely possible that others exist, but for now, it would be good
to eliminate the violators ASAP.

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