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Re: perfect-privacy.com, Family specifications, etc.

>      There is someone going by the name of perfect-privacy.com who is
> listed in the contact information of roughly 28 relays' descriptors with
> widely varying throughput capacities in the tor directory.  These relays'
> descriptors are grouped into quite a few separate Family specifications,
> although some appear to be orphans without a Family.

From a quick look at Tor status, it seems to me that they are grouped
into families based on their geographical location.

>      I would appreciate having these relays lose their "Valid" flags in
> the consensus until such time as their operator(s) group all of them
> into a single Family specification.  I hope the authority operators
> will take this action in a timely fashion.  Until this situation is
> dealt with, it will remain entirely possible that clients may build
> circuits whose entire routes consist of perfect-privacy.com's nodes.

While some of them appear to be guards, none is running as an exit node,
so this should not be possible.

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