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Re: Reducing relays = reducing anonymity ? Tortunnel.

> Just wondering if anybody from the Tor Project has contacted the author to
> express the concerns with tortunnel.  Particularly about it being
> detrimental to the Tor network.
> Jim

The author is a security researcher, the tool is ages old and
abandoned, as far as I know it doesn't work right away unless you
change some of the code, and it was written to check what tor exit
nodes where running sslstrip or in other ways were messing with the

I'm not really sure what this fuzz is all about. I wonder how many
people actually use it these days.

Also, *if* Tor can be used in this way, it will be. If no white-hat
will write code to do it, the black-hats will, and the only difference
is that you'll be unaware of the tool.
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