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Re: Reducing relays = reducing anonymity ? Tortunnel.

> The author is a security researcher, the tool is ages old and
>  abandoned, as far as I know it doesn't work right away unless you
>  change some of the code, and it was written to check what tor exit
>  nodes where running sslstrip or in other ways were messing with the
>  traffic.
>  I'm not really sure what this fuzz is all about. I wonder how many
>  people actually use it these days.
>  Also, *if* Tor can be used in this way, it will be. If no white-hat
>  will write code to do it, the black-hats will, and the only difference
>  is that you'll be unaware of the tool.

Agreed as to general sentiment.

> Have you looked at I2P? http://www.i2p2.de/techintro.html
> It for example allows both users and services to specify their hop
> length, and uses packet switching instead of circuit switching.

Phantom does this too... user specified hop counts based on their
needs for speed vs. security. A nice design feature.
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