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Re: Tor Exit Node Sponsorship - looking for partners

So long as more nodes come online, and those nodes have proper family
statements, particularly regarding physical/geopolitical location...

I don't really see any problem with any form of organization doing
this. For profit or not.
Nor any problem with any level of transparency. From open books and
people to the typical privately held black box.
Nor any need for silly "we don't sniff" declarations. That one
especially makes me laugh, because users would be foolish to believe
that there are not plenty of exit node operators that:
a) do sniff, declaration or not
b) are under orders to sniff
c) are sniffed by the upstream doing so per a or b.
and because users are supposed to know that if they're not using PKI
or PSK complete with fingerprint checking, that they should indeed [!]
expect to have their plaintext observed at some point, regardless of
whether or not they use Tor.

I agree in general that due to economies of scale and
SLA/policy/contact setting with the provider, it's probably better to
go for one year term upfront and somewhere between lots of small nodes
or a few large ones.
And yes, more transparency is more likely to successfully raise funds.
Go forth and prosper, the market will figure out the merits.
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