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Re: Running a stable exit node without interference (Was blutmagie quad core upgrade)

>  I Don't have any information about the subject but would it be possible
>  to buy own ip-range which would stay in my possession even if I switched
>  ISP's. I don't think it comes very cheap...

>>> I have been thinking a long time how to run a stable exit node without
>>> getting constantly in trouble. Your own Whois-data on your ip-range
>>> (abuse-contact etc) could help a lot.

This is all possible, and in fact, largely required. However, contrary to the
requirement, many providers do not allow their customers to do this.
If you poke around whois using IP address from small hosting companies
you'll find a few examples of properly swipped delegations. Say a /16 farming
out a /22 to the hoster.

You can buy your own CIDR blocks straight from the RIR's just like any ISP
can. But it's not cheap, and you are pretty much required to be well
steeped in the tech and also already in business as a sizable ISP/hoster.
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