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Re: Running a stable exit node without interference (Was blutmagie quad core upgrade)

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Olaf Selke wrote:
> M schrieb:
>> Okay, that cleared things a lot. I Guess that authorities treats that
>> ip-range as an ISP.
> yes, as Timo already pointed out, my own Ripe assignment does the trick.
> Authorities treat me like an isp.

Own Ripe assigment would be great but how to get that? My local ISP only
offers to add some of my companys information to the top of the existing

Do a "whois", the data existing there would stay but my
companys data would be above it. Not sure if that's so good idea, I'd
like it to only show my own information and nothing from my ISP.

I Don't have any information about the subject but would it be possible
to buy own ip-range which would stay in my possession even if I switched
ISP's. I don't think it comes very cheap...

>> I have been thinking a long time how to run a stable exit node without
>> getting constantly in trouble. Your own Whois-data on your ip-range
>> (abuse-contact etc) could help a lot.
> definitely!
> Olaf

Btw, really big thanks for running blutmagie-exit!


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