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Re: [OT] another proxy, but not open source :-(

On May 25, 2010, at 2:45 AM, Scott Bennett wrote:

    I don't know who "Censorship Research Center" might be, but they claim
to have a development project going for another encrypted proxy service.
However, they say it will be free software, but *not* be open source, so no
one can examine what they have done in order to look for bugs, design flaws,
etc. :-(  There isn't much real information at the web site,

Without the community support, I wonder how quickly it could be adopted. I'm assuming it's going to rely on user-run exits like Tor, and I wonder how many large contributors would be willing to install closed-source software that they're not involved in developing on their servers.

but what little there is looks very much like an attempt to sucker people
who don't understand much about security.
    Oh.  I almost forgot.  Their FAQ page mentions tor, complaining about
tor's publicly available directory and arguing that their method is better,
while not mentioning bridges.

Haters' gonn' hate. I'll admit, though, that using bridges might be a bit above the "average" user, especially when it comes to finding them. Not exactly plug-n-play. I also don't see why it would be terribly difficult for a sufficiently determined government to amass a large list of bridges and make that option essentially (if not completely) inviable.

I am a tad unnerved at the number of links to the donation page, though I appreciate the costs associated with such an endeavor.