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Re: [OT] another proxy, but not open source :-(

On 5/25/2010 6:22 AM, Scott Bennett wrote:
      "Proprietary" means the client companies pay for it, right?  Which
means they are funding its development, right?  Windows Server releases
are closed source, right?  And client companies install and use it, right?
Now, none of that tells us "how many large contributors would be willing
to install closed-source software that they're not involved in developing
on their servers", but I should think that the number may be fairly large.

Ha, I see your point. Although by "large contributors" I was thinking of those awesome souls to run our heavy-duty relays and not corporations. A quick run-through of our top 50 contributors shows 47 Linux boxes and 3 FreeBSD boxes. I guess I'm just biased into thinking it's the open-software nuts who most support the cause ;-)

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