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Re: Tor Exit Node hosting: torservers.net

On 5/25/2010 7:39 PM, Curious Kid wrote:
Yes, of course it should be obvious that it is not sponsored by The Tor Project.

Maybe it's just me, then. I tend to assume that anything not on the official website isn't sponsored by the official project, unless they make a point of explicitly saying "Sponsored by...". If that's not as general an assumption as I would think, then perhaps it does bear making the point clear.

I take it you didn't see the favicon. Look again.

Fair enough, that is a tad misleading.

People in the past have created "non-competing" companies that used the Tor name to increase their profits.

This will be a contention point. Most of me hopes this is an honest effort at contributing to the Tor project. Of course, that hope includes the big assumption of things like, all donations being used to cover costs (no profit), and all sponsors getting their donations back if the new relays never get off the ground. Big hopes and big assumptions; time will tell I suppose.

It should not be in very small letters in the most hidden spot. Frankly, the leadup posts in the mailing list raised red flags for me that it would deliberately try to look like part of The Tor Project.

Again, maybe it's just me, but it was clearly visible on my screen when I brought the page up. I haven't seen anything come out of his own mailing list yet, but you can be sure I'll be watching it closely. Cautious optimism is the way to go with any new project like this, methinks.

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