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Re: Tor Exit Node hosting: torservers.net


> Your use of the 
> Tor name and logo (and style) is deceptive. Why did you make your disclaimer in 
> fine print under the website? It looks like a copyright notice. Many people 
> won't bother to read it.

Should he have to? The only place I see Tor's 

Yes, of course it should be obvious that it is not sponsored by The Tor Project.

> logo is where he's explaining what Tor is. I thought it was pretty clear from a 

I take it you didn't see the favicon. Look again.

> quick glance that his website is about providing hosting, not competing with the 
> Tor Project.

People in the past have created "non-competing" companies that used the Tor name to increase their profits.

The disclaimer I imagine is just that, a "Don't contact me 

I would not imagine that.

> with legal or support issues meant for Tor's staff." Doesn't exactly have to be 
> in bold red 
> letters.

It should not be in very small letters in the most hidden spot. Frankly, the leadup posts in the mailing list raised red flags for me that it would deliberately try to look like part of The Tor Project.


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