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Re: gwget and tor?

On 5/26/2010 7:39 AM, emigrant wrote:
is there a way to use gwget with tor?
most of the times i download a direct link in tor enabled firefox it
stops in the middle despite the internet connection is good.
I don't know about gwget, but plain wget supports http proxies, which you can point at Polipo. If you're only going to need to do this every once in a while, I'd pop open a terminal and do the following: HTTP_PROXY= && HTTPS_PROXY= && FTP_PROXY=
export HTTP_PROXY && export HTTPS_PROXY && export FTP_PROXY
wget your://url.to/download.here

If that doesn't work for you, open your Polipo configuration file and see what port it's set up to run on, and change the bit after the colon in the environmental variables. Wget will pick up on the environmental variables and should route your download through Tor. These settings will only last until you either close the shell, or until you log out (I forget which and can't make it to my linux box to check), so if you'll be doing this a lot you can add the following lines to your .wgetrc file to have them executed automatically:

proxy = on

To resume an interrupted download, just add the -c option, like so:

wget -c your://url.to/download.here


Anytime =)

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