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Re: Tor Exit Node hosting: torservers.net


Your use of the Tor name and logo (and style) is deceptive.
I take it you didn't see the favicon. Look again.
Fair enough, that is a tad misleading.

Yes, I have used the Tor logo in several places. For one, I am not a graphics designer. Secondly, I think my usage (it its context) is neither "deceptive" nor misleading. Actually, I want to provide Tor services after all. When you look around, you will see a lot of people and companies using logos of products they do not own or are associated with. For example, you will often see the Microsoft logo in places where Microsoft products are sold.
Let's look at what the Tor website has to say about its logo:

"If you're making non-commercial use of Tor software, you may also use the Tor onion logo (as an illustration, not as a brand for your products). Please don't modify the design or colors of the logo. You can use items that look like the Tor onion logo to illustrate a point (e.g. an exploded onion with layers, for instance), so long as they're not used as logos in ways that would confuse people."

I have also tried to contact the Tor developers through this mailing list about my planned usage, but I guess I should do that more explicitly, and will do that now in a mail to execdir. Sorry. It is very important to me to do this with approval of the Tor community (that's why "it started here").

See below on why I see my current usage as "non-commercial".

Of course, that hope includes the big assumption of things like,
> all donations being used to cover costs (no profit)

I don't see "commercial" as bad per se. I don't see how I am competing with anyone, and if I did (if there was anyone else offering Tor services), that would be "useful" competition after all.

Let me clear with this: I am a student, willing to put my time and effort into running Tor nodes (and more). Depending on what "products" I am building here - which is something that I hope to have designed in a "community effort" (hence the mailing list) - I might *some day* consider to make some small amount of "management fee". At the moment, this is not part of the plan.

, and all sponsors getting their donations back if the
new relays never get off the ground.

The website is not clear about this yet, but I want to distinguish between node sponsorship and donations.

Node sponsorship is "a product you can buy", like you can buy managed and unmanaged servers. These are recurring payments with a contract, towards one or more specific services. I will not collect sponsorship money until we - everyone who is interested in funding a node in some way or another - have decided on a specific configuration, setup and server, which will then be ordered.

Donations on the other hand are irregular, nonrecurring payments. At the moment I agree that this looks like a "primary service" on torservers.net, but I really see it as something very optional - I just haven't worked on the other parts of the "Plans" page yet. I will add a section that one could also want to donate to the Tor project instead to fund development. Donations will be collected, amounts published, and once some node can be funded from them, used. One pragmatic approach to this would be to bill the regular node sponsors less in one month to make up for these irregular donations. I already have several people interested in funding a node, and even if I cannot find enough to fund a big node, there's always a small one we can add.

> I haven't seen anything come out of his own
mailing list yet, but you can be sure I'll be watching it closely.

Thanks for your interest. :-) If you want to find out more about me, feel free to visit my blog at www.wiredwings.com .

Moritz Bartl
GPG 0xED2E9B44
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