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Re: Tor Exit Node hosting: torservers.net

Thus spake Moritz Bartl (tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx):

> Let's look at what the Tor website has to say about its logo:
> https://www.torproject.org/trademark-faq.html.en
> "If you're making non-commercial use of Tor software, you may also use 
> the Tor onion logo (as an illustration, not as a brand for your 
> products). Please don't modify the design or colors of the logo. You can 
> use items that look like the Tor onion logo to illustrate a point (e.g. 
> an exploded onion with layers, for instance), so long as they're not 
> used as logos in ways that would confuse people."
> I have also tried to contact the Tor developers through this mailing 
> list about my planned usage, but I guess I should do that more 
> explicitly, and will do that now in a mail to execdir. Sorry. It is very 
> important to me to do this with approval of the Tor community (that's 
> why "it started here").

The problem is that the Tor developers really don't know - they
primarily write software rather than practice law :). Andrew and the
Tor Board of Directors typically need to discuss these issues with
actual lawyers.

One of the sticky issues with trademark protection though is that if
you do not defend your mark in all applicable cases, you lose the
right to defend it in cases you actually do care about. So please do
not take any decisions about your use personally.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs

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