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Re: Tor Exit Node hosting: torservers.net

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your input. I agree with all you say, and to some degree it shows that it is yet unclear (from the site) what exactly I want to offer. I now think it might have been better to not make it public before getting that message transported, but I haven't published it anywhere outside of the Tor community lists yet.

I want to have clear statements about WHAT you get for funding a node, and what monthly amount is left to cover before (!) a new node will be set up. Nobody will be billed before that node is ordered. Irregular donations really are something extra. At the moment, they come across to prominent because there are no "product plans" yet. I am all open for suggestions, I will outline my ideas in a wiki-like, open discussion, together with "early adopters" on the mailing list, until there are specific "products" to offer. That's why I called the section "Plans" after all.

What I really need to attract is people who decide that they want to *own* (parts of) a Tor node, and are willing to pay a monthly fee for it.

Moritz Bartl
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