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Re: gwget and tor?

     On Wed, 26 May 2010 09:40:29 -0400 "Aplin, Justin M" <jmaplin@xxxxxxx>
>On 5/26/2010 7:39 AM, emigrant wrote:
>> is there a way to use gwget with tor?
>> most of the times i download a direct link in tor enabled firefox it
>> stops in the middle despite the internet connection is good.
>I don't know about gwget, but plain wget supports http proxies, which 
>you can point at Polipo. If you're only going to need to do this every 
>once in a while, I'd pop open a terminal and do the following:
>export HTTP_PROXY && export HTTPS_PROXY && export FTP_PROXY
>wget your://url.to/download.here

     Once again, I strongly recommend that you set the *_proxy environment
variables to full URLs rather than to the abbreviated forms you've shown
above.  See fetch(3) in the man pages for details.
>If that doesn't work for you, open your Polipo configuration file and 
>see what port it's set up to run on, and change the bit after the colon 
>in the environmental variables. Wget will pick up on the environmental 
>variables and should route your download through Tor. These settings 
>will only last until you either close the shell, or until you log out (I 
>forget which and can't make it to my linux box to check), so if you'll 
>be doing this a lot you can add the following lines to your .wgetrc file 
>to have them executed automatically:
>proxy = on

     See note above.
>To resume an interrupted download, just add the -c option, like so:
>wget -c your://url.to/download.here

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