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Re: gwget and tor?

And remember that the -c option in wget will only work if the server supports that.

Man page:
Note that -c only works with FTP servers and with HTTP servers that support the "Range" header.

2010/5/27 <kr@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> thanks can you please explain how to use this?

save as e. g. "wget_anon" (edit the user-agent header line or delete all
header lines), chmod 750 wget_anon and than $ wget_anon URL. Or with the
FlashGot extension (as an example):
Add-> Name: wget_anon
Executable path: /path/wget_anon
Command line argument: [URL]

> and is it possible to make several downloads simultaniously?

as i said, i'm using it for a download of one file, but you can type
wget_anon URL1
wget_anon URL2 ...
or expand the variable or with FashGot you can click several files or
use the "FlashGot All" function to suck a whole webpage. Perhaps another
ml member has better or additional ideas :)


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