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Re: HTTPS Everywhere Firefox addon

On Thu, 27 May 2010 21:07:42 -0700, Mike Perry <mikeperry@xxxxxxxxxx>
>> Very interesting. How will other sites be added?
> The rule files exist in two locations - the addon installed set, and
> the user installed set. The addon installed set are in your Firefox
> profile directory under the following path:
> ./extensions/https-everywhere@xxxxxxx/chrome/content/rules
> User supplied files live in ./HTTPSEverywhereUserRules/ in the Firefox
> profile directory.
> We plan to have some form of UI to automatically install filters to
> the user directory from the web, similar to the Adblock Plus
> subscription list.
> In the meantime, we'll gladly accept submissions as xml files for
> inclusion in the extension itself.

How would I find the rules for the NYT blogs (*.blogs.nytimes.com)? These
don't seem to be supported by the addon at this point.


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