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DerAufbruch{,1,2} nodes not in a Family

     There are three nodes currently listed in the directory by the names of
DerAufbruch, DerAufbruch1, and DerAufbruch2 without contact information that
are not configured into a Family.  If you wish to have your tor client treat
them as being in a single node Family, just add the following to your torrc

# The following are the DerAufbruch{,1,2} nodes, which have not been
# configured into a Family and have no contact information in their
# descriptors.
NodeFamily $9631AB3D9F17A9DF23C4A427DCDE17C38E27E54B,$F334E6A865F58B170428E773F2F1C5AED452E087,$72EABEEEA8290EE39A44A3E06676071B98D17EBD

(Beware of linewrap in the NodeFamily line above.)

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