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[tor-talk] tor-resolve for hidden service: is the right behaviour?

Hi all,

i've been testing the tor-resolve to see if i would be able to use the
TOR dns resolution against a tor-hidden service in order to verify if it
exists or not.

However it seems that tor-resolve always return an IP address for .onion
IP, regardless the fact that the hidden-service exists or not:

privacyresearch:~# tor-resolve test.onion
privacyresearch:~# tor-resolve test2.onion
privacyresearch:~# tor-resolve test3.onion
privacyresearch:~# tor-resolve test4.onion

My question is: It would be possible to have tor-resolve be able to
check if the hidden-service exists or not by resolving it to an IP
address or by returning "non existing host" ?

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