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Re: [tor-talk] vidalia and SSH/SSL support

On 09/05/11 07:33, HÃken Hveem wrote:
> Hi, it seems to me that vidalia has no built in support for SSH/SSL
> based logins. It should be possible to add support for that, and SSH/SSL
> logins without password.
> How to log in using SSH/SSL keys ( no password required )
> http://www.linuxproblem.org/art_9.html
> It should be possible to administer remote computers running Tor over
> SSH that way.
You can perfectly achieve that without waiting for any change on Vidalia
side (which, IMO, should be handling this)

Use ssh client to bind a local port against a remote one (the Tor
control port).

Something like ssh -L 9051:localhost:9051 yourremoteserver should work
out of the box.



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