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[tor-talk] Orbot 1.0.5 Release Candidate

Based on feedback from our core test group in the Guardian Project, it
seems like we have a solid new version of Orbot that includes Tor, as well as improved handling of transparent proxying. This new
build also includes our own version of iptables, and proactively checks
if the device has netfilter/owner support in the kernel. This should
lead to overall less support requests from confused users who have
"root" but still can't transproxy.

We have a few UI tweaks to make, and need to make sure all of our
translations are up-to-date, but otherwise, the app feels very ready to go.

I invite any of you with a few spare cycles and an Android device handy
to try it out if you haven't already. As this is a dev build, it is not
signed by the official Tor distro key, so you will have to uninstall any
existing Orbot official release. The final app we release to the market
will be signed by the Tor key, and users will get an automatic "updates
available" message from the Android market.

(.asc - signed by nathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0xB374CBD2)

If you aren't on our guardian-dev or -alpha lists, but are an Android
user, then I encourage you to join, as we keep most of the day to day
traffic on those lists:

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