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Re: [tor-talk] Orbot 1.0.5 Release Candidate

Awesome! I tested switching between airplane mode and toggling wifi.
check.torproject.org came back good each time (CM-7.0.2). Nice work!


On Mon, May 9, 2011 at 7:00 AM, Nathan Freitas <nathan@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Based on feedback from our core test group in the Guardian Project, it
> seems like we have a solid new version of Orbot that includes Tor
>, as well as improved handling of transparent proxying. This new
> build also includes our own version of iptables, and proactively checks
> if the device has netfilter/owner support in the kernel. This should
> lead to overall less support requests from confused users who have
> "root" but still can't transproxy.
> We have a few UI tweaks to make, and need to make sure all of our
> translations are up-to-date, but otherwise, the app feels very ready to go.
> I invite any of you with a few spare cycles and an Android device handy
> to try it out if you haven't already. As this is a dev build, it is not
> signed by the official Tor distro key, so you will have to uninstall any
> existing Orbot official release. The final app we release to the market
> will be signed by the Tor key, and users will get an automatic "updates
> available" message from the Android market.
> https://guardianproject.info/downloads/
> (.asc - signed by nathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0xB374CBD2)
> If you aren't on our guardian-dev or -alpha lists, but are an Android
> user, then I encourage you to join, as we keep most of the day to day
> traffic on those lists:
> https://guardianproject.info/contact/
> Best,
>  Nathan
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