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[tor-talk] Source code modifying for testing


I'm now researching an attack against Tor. 

Resume of Attack: We control exit node and entry node. Upon receiving a RELAY BEGIN cell,the exit node will forger  a malicious webpage to client. The webpage contains some empty gif files. The entry node will be able to detect a distinctive pattern of the connection to that malicious webpage, basing on number of relay cells backward and forward. 

For more details, the paper is here: http://bit.ly/mnwsDo ( from sciencedirect.com)

For implementation, it's needed to modify a piece of Tor source code at the exit node, to forger a malicious webpage to client. Notice that this is not modifying webpage response from the server, but forger attacker's webpage to the client. Could some one please give a hint about where I need to modify.

Thank you.


Nguyen Quoc Viet

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