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Re: [tor-talk] Logging in to Yahoo e-mail accounts now failing???

On 5/14/2011 9:03 AM, David Carlson wrote:
Yahoo seems to be changing their e-mail log in security features so that
I now get a message that I have an incorrect user name/ password
combination on a screen that has a captcha.  Trying again with the
captcha also fails.  Turning off Tor with Torbutton (in Firefox 4.0.1)
allows logging in to Yahoo.

Interestingly, I have Thunderbird configured to access that same e-mail
account through Foxyproxy accessing localhost:8118, which should be
routing that traffic through Vidalia/Tor.  This still works.

Is anyone else having issues?
AT&T refuses to help me, of course, because they know nothing about Tor.
Does anyone have a suggestion about what to try next?

1st, have you resolved the issue? I use AT&T / Yahoo email (sometimes) & just logged into it via Tor . As w/ others' suggestions about logging into some sites w/ Tor, may want to limit exit nodes, by editing Vidalia's torrc file, to nodes in the SAME country where either / or: 1) their server (your acct) is located, 2) the same country as the IP address' location, that you used to sign up for the acct.

I used the torrc command, ExitNodes {cc}, where "cc" is your country code,
followed by the "StrictExitNodes 1" command.

Had no problem logging into AT&T/Yahoo email - in MY country. Have no idea in how many countries they offer service.

Sometimes an "incorrect PW" msg is assoc w/ not having cookies enabled for the site.
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