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[tor-talk] ExitNodes / ExcludeNodes syntax

Should there be spaces *ANYWHERE* between commas separating data entries for torrc file commands, ExitNodes or ExcludeNodes, etc?

Or does it matter?

Like:  ExitNodes {cc}, {cc}, {cc}  (spaces after commas & before next entry)
or:  ExitNodes {cc},{cc},{cc}  (no spaces after commas and next entry)

By default, if you d/l a CSV list from a Tor status site (or other), when data is copied to most text editors (even like Notepad++), there is a space automatically added *AFTER an entry* and BEFORE the comma in front of next entry.

In other words, the default formatting is "entry, space, comma, entry..."
NOT, "entry, comma, space, entry.

I can get around this / delete the spaces altogether or..., but wonder what the preferred syntax for torrc commands lists is. The "manual" on Tor Documentation example doesn't show multiple entries of same data. I've seen some "tutorial" sites that seem to handle commas & spaces differently.

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