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Re: [tor-talk] 504 Proxy loop detected by Polipo

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From: David Carlson <carlson.dl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Apparently from: tor-talk-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: tor-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [tor-talk] 504 Proxy loop detected by Polipo
Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 13:51:42 -0500

> I am using Tor with Vidalia Bundle 0.2.12.  I received
> the following error message when trying to access
> www.stcharlessingers.com.  I was able to access the site when I used
> TorButton to bypass Tor with my Firefox 4.0.1 browser
> The following error occurred while trying to access
> http://pdfforge.mybrowserbar.com/cgi/errors.*

Looks like malware to me.
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