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[tor-talk] tor+virtualbox questions

Hi all

I have seen posts regarding running vmware's networking through Tor,
but have not seen anything specific to what I am doing.

I am running Tor inside a linx virtual machine based on virtualbox,
configured to use bridged network access.  check.torproject.org
happily says i am running tor. So my questions are

1. Does this mean as along as I run the browser from inside the
virtual machine I am safe?
2. Has there been any study whether the host of the virtualbox is
leaking information?
3. We already have usb based torbrowser, I was hoping to use
virtualbox to build usbbased tor operating system package.
Has this been done before? This is so that they can just plug in the
"TorVM Usb" into a spare usb and run a virtual machine,
with access to all the unix tools running through tor.

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