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Re: [tor-talk] tor+virtualbox questions


Fernan Bolando wrote (25 May 2011 03:40:43 GMT) :
> I have seen posts regarding running vmware's networking through Tor,
> but have not seen anything specific to what I am doing.

> I am running Tor inside a linx virtual machine based on virtualbox,
> configured to use bridged network access.  check.torproject.org
> happily says i am running tor. So my questions are

> 1. Does this mean as along as I run the browser from inside the
> virtual machine I am safe?

This setup gets you a bit more safety than not using VirtualBox at all
because the host IP and hardware are not directly exposed to the
guest. I am not sure about indirectly, so I am unsure of the practical
gain, if it exists at all.

> 3. We already have usb based torbrowser, I was hoping to use
> virtualbox to build usbbased tor operating system package. Has this
> been done before? This is so that they can just plug in the "TorVM
> Usb" into a spare usb and run a virtual machine, with access to all
> the unix tools running through tor.

You may want to have a look to Tails features (and TODO list) with
regards to virtualization:


The last section, about "Portable VirtualBox" et al., may be of
particular interest to you. Help is welcome. In case you decide to
build a fully Torified OS from scratch, please have a look to the
Tails design document before you actually start:


... it may convince you you actually don't want to undertake that
mission, and you may eventually prefer to help us making Tails better :)

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