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Re: [tor-talk] Securing a Relay - chroot

On Friday 27 May, 2011 08:10:47 tagnaq wrote:
> You do not mention the threats you worry about and assets you care about
> (thread model + security requirements).

Yes that's because I don't know what threats there may be.  I am a user, I don't have an MS in Computer Science.  For example I don't understand, "maps subnets and/or ports to inside. Separating traffic into VLANs. In general having a lot more control of the hardware layer."

What good is this if users can't secure their own machine effectively?  Why set up a relay if my own machine could be compromised?  No wonder you have a hard time recruiting relays, much less exit points.  I guess the coyness here is for some good reason, but it's not doing the cause any good.  Looks like I have to give up on a relay.


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