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Re: [tor-talk] Vidalia GUI locks up repeatedly

On 18:37 Mon 30 May     , Joe Btfsplk wrote:
> Tor Vidalia bundle - 0.2.12, Torbutton 1.33a in Vista x64 - GUI 
> keeps locking up after Tor is active for a while (maybe 30 min - 1hr).  
> Happening several weeks - at least - most every time I use it longer 
> than a few min.
> After 1st starting Vidalia bundle, I can look at the Viadalia UI, 
> Network status page (and logs) w/ no problems or delays.   Icons for 
> both (if each has been opened once) are minimized to tray.  After a 
> while, can no longer reopen / maximize either one - Vidalia or Network 
> Status.  I can click the Vidalia icon group & it pops up both, but when 
> click on them, nothing happens.  Also clicking "Restore" or "maximize" 
> option either icon after clicking the group icon, does nothing.
> Tor continues to work - unless I continue messing w/ the Vidalia UI, 
> trying to get it opened.  Usually, after repeated attempts to get the UI 
> opened, message pops that Vidalia has stopped working.  Then must close 
> all 3 prgms thru task mgr.
> Can restart Vidalia / Tor right away & it works OK for a while - then 
> same thing.


Does this happen with Vidalia 0.2.10?

Tomas Touceda
Gentoo Developer - Qt, Scheme, Lisp

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