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Re: [tor-talk] Socks5 and msmtp

> jaromil@xxxxxxxx says:
> I'm very interested in this,

Hi :) I think the motivation is to make the use of SOCKS with msmtp
simple. Which generally means SOCKS being added to msmtp itself.

Certainly not only for Tor, but also for biz, edu, and gov firewalls
as well. Lots of good use cases there that are as yet unserved.

And certainly more users could point msmtp with:
msmtp --socks-host=host:port --socks-version=4a|5
than will ever figure out LD_PRELOAD or have it available
to them.

> using msmtp and ssh-tunnel solutions myself since years now and
> about to release a new software suite for this.

In the particular case of Tor, nodes do not provide SSH access from
which to tunnel. So a SOCKS solution is needed.

> but I can help only little with this patch, hoping you'll lead.

I'm just a user getting some talk going on this and hopefully a
volunteer coder will jump in.

> which reference C code you suggest using?

You mean which SOCKS library? That is a good question and one anyone
could help with it via the usual means... searching, popularity,
maintained. As with msmtp, it would have to work with Unix and
Windows. So ANSI C or something that doesn't need porting effort.

Try this for starters:

> AFAIK msmtp devs prefer to add features with shell scripts and
> piping, which is something I'm also in favour of, but i'm not
> sure a pipe to ... can do what you need?

It's the Unix way :) But pipes are one direction and won't work.

> or are you thinking of a shell script using socat?

Socat does not provde a SOCKS server, only a client, so it can't
be used. I mentioned it only as an example of an interesting shim-like
tool that might be out there. Not as one that could be used in this

>> If anyone would like to volunteer for this small project, here
>> is an open invitation... :)

>> What is msmtp?
>> http://msmtp.sourceforge.net/
>> http://wiki.mutt.org/?LightSMTPagents/Msmtp

>> Coverage on msmtp-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ...
>> [snip]
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