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Re: [tor-talk] Socks5 and msmtp

>>> or are you thinking of a shell script using socat?
>> Socat does not provde a SOCKS server, only a client, so it can't
>> be used. I mentioned it only as an example of an interesting shim-like
>> tool that might be out there. Not as one that could be used in this
>> case.

> I use msmtp + socat and they works fine together with a tor relay.

Those of you saying you're using socat to allow msmtp to speak to
a SOCKS server... can you post an example of your invocation/config?

> I am also interested to help your effort too!

Again, I only prompted discussion of this new (and apparently
from the replies, desired/needed) feature.

Everyone should feel free to write, post and merge their
patches together for inclusion by the maintainer.
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