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Re: [tor-talk] Towards a Torbutton for Thunderbird (torbutton-birdy)

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> [1] https://tails.boum.org/todo/Return_of_Icedove__63__/

"Trying to hide we use Icedove seem unrealistic and/or impractical a
goal, at least to start with. Therefore, we'll ignore tagnaq's
suggestions whose single aim is that one."

Why do you think that I aimed for hiding the use of Thunderbird?

Hiding the fact that someone is using Thunderbird when he/she actually
is, was not my intention:

on page 3:
"Non-goals: hide the fact that we are using Thunderbird"

on page 21:
"As specified in section 2.3 the header information reduction
does not aim to hide the fact that Thunderbird is the used

> The idea is to at least try to get this merged upstream (if not in 
> Mozilla, perhaps at least in Debian) in some form, otherwise we're 
> gonna ship an Icedove built from sources with these changes applied
> in Tails.

Great! Thanks for explicitly mentioning this (I was about to ask you
if you are going to submit it for upstream inclusion ;)

I hope you are watching
It might be a good idea to submit/suggest it there?

I hope you enable mailnews.auto_config_ssl_only by default and hide
the disable button very well ;)

> It's unclear to me if you've done (or plan to do) some work on the 
> autoconfig wizard  in torbutton-birdy. I'd appreciate if you could 
> elaborate on this.

The basic idea is to get all issues that require code changes fixed
upstream so that we do not have to bother about builds.
Enabling privacy via an extension only gives you also a potentially
bigger user base (=bigger anonymity set => better anonymity).
..but as we saw with firefox/torbutton getting things done upstream is
not an easy and fast process.


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