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[tor-talk] Basic questions from new user but...

I have a feeling other newbies might benefit. 3 questions below (if tor-talk is not appropriate for these questions, PLEASE let me know what the appropriate contact is) .

I have read the FAQ's, much documentation, and searched the broader web but still have questions about browsing the internet with Tor (I'm using the whole Tor Browser Bundle):

1) Can I ANONYMOUSLY allow scripts for hotmail, gmail and yahoo mail using Tor browser?    
      -  hotmail -  I can’t sign in, I get the message:
          "Windows Live ID requires JavaScript to sign in."
          If I allow the script, use https and HTML and sign in then,
               I can use NoScript to go through a series of "allowing scripts" from the following, 
               but I still can't open the email

       - gmail: Google requires scripts to create account (I WAS able to access HTML email 
         without  scripts - very very useful and good, THANKS)

2) If I allow scripts ONE TIME, does that blow my anonymity for ALL TIME or just during that browsing session. In other words, is the info then stored somewhere that can be retroactively analyzed to reveal my IP address?

I had this experience on the Tor site:
- I'm going through the Tor FAQ page and try to link to:

         irc channel



   -I'm assuming Tor is SAFE but for each of these, I get the MESSAGE:

         "Load external content?

         An external application is needed to handle:

         mailto:help@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (etc.)

         NOTE: External applications are NOT Tor safe by default and can unmask you!

         If this file is untrusted, you should either save it to view while offline or in a VM,

         or consider using a transparent Tor proxy like Tails LiveCD or torsocks."

    - I'm guessing that YES! i can trust that I can use whatever 
"external application" will allow me to access these Tor support 
services, BUT I'M NOT ABSOLUTELY SURE. This leads to my third question:

3) Can I ANONYMOUSLY load "external content" using an "external application"? Does the answer depend on THE SITE I am browsing, the particulars of the "external application" needed, and the specific "external content"?

Thanks very much for your efforts on Tor. It is a much needed service.
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