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Re: [tor-talk] Evercookies / supercookies tracking & No Script whitelisting tracking sites

On 5/14/2012 1:56 PM, Mike Perry wrote:
The short answer is "Yes, we've looked into it. New Identity removes

The footnote is "Please help us test this shit in new releases. We just
had a race condition on the cache that allowed cache cookies to persist
for up to a minute after clicking New Identity (though they did go away
after that)."...
Maybe there should be more discussion about these types of cookies (most aren't even aware of them or their capabilities), how to PREVENT them - to extent possible & how to clean them up. They are NOT easy to get rid of if they've been placed in many / most of the known locations they can hide.

Also, FAQ on them. I read the design links for New Identity & the bug links, but I didn't see how that handles ALL the known locations where evercookies can be placed. Another view is, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." I think educating users how to avoid them, to the extent possible, would be good. They're often easier to avoid than eradicate.

I can't vouch for these clean up utilities effectiveness on evercookies. I use them, but haven't tested much on evercookies.
BleachBit claims it will clean evercookies (recent versions).
CCleaner (some forum moderators) claim it will clean them, but I couldn't squeeze out of anyone at Piriform, that CCleaner officially claims to handle evercookies (meaning, all known "hiding places.")

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