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Re: [tor-talk] Evercookies / supercookies tracking & No Script whitelisting tracking sites

Thus spake Mike Perry (mikeperry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx):

> Thus spake Joe Btfsplk (joebtfsplk@xxxxxxx):
> > How, pray tell, does clicking New Identity remove evercookies from
> > 12 - 15 possible locations?  The cache isn't the only place
> > evercookies can be stored.  How does it remove ANY cookies at all?
> > Does that necessarily clear LSOs, clear different locations HTML5
> > data can be stored - like delete webappstore.sqlite - (even if
> > you've not viewed HTML5 media, the cookies can still be place
> > there), or all other known locations evercookies can be placed (so
> > far)?  I never heard or read that feature when using New Identity.
> > Was I absent that day or were we waiting for just the right time for
> > a big announcement?
> Oh, sorry, you did ask how. Well:
> https://gitweb.torproject.org/torbutton.git/blob/master:/src/chrome/content/torbutton.js#l1387

Here's a better link direct to the comment above the implementation,
which describes it.

Mike Perry

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