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[tor-talk] Python upgrade breaks 'random' in ARM..

Hi Damian et al.

I'm running Tor- on FreeBSD 9.0, all fine..
However, I upgraded Python26 to version 2.6.8 (= up-to-date with port) & it
breaks ARM..

=> File "/usr/share/arm/starter.py" line 18 in <module>
import cli.controller
=> File "/usr/share/arm/cli/controller.py" line 11 in <module>
import cli.menu.menu
=> File "/usr/share/arm/cli/menu/menu.py" line 10 in <module>
import cli.menu.actions
=> File "/usr/share/arm/cli/menu/actions.py" line 8 in <module>
import cli.wizzard
=> File "/usr/share/arm/cli/wizzard.py" line 9 in <module>
import random
=> File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/random.py" line 47 in <module>
from os import urandom as _urandom

=> ImportError: cannot import name urandom

Would you know a way around this because I'm not familiar with Python at
Any suggestions would be much appreciated..


PS. Running ARM from the executable comes down to the same problem..
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