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Re: [tor-talk] Python upgrade breaks 'random' in ARM..

Hi Eric. Sorry to hear that you're having troubles after the upgrade.

> => File "/usr/share/arm/cli/menu/actions.py" line 8 in <module>
> import cli.wizzard
> => File "/usr/share/arm/cli/wizzard.py" line 9 in <module>
> import random

Did you copy this over by hand? There's a "wizard.py" module, but no
such thing as a "wizzard.py". If this is accurate then where did you
get it from?

> => File "/usr/share/arm/cli/wizzard.py" line 9 in <module>
> import random
> => File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/random.py" line 47 in <module>
> from os import urandom as _urandom
> => ImportError: cannot import name urandom

This isn't an arm bug. It's an issue with the copy of python that you
installed - I'm simply importing the random module and that's having
an error internally when it tries to get urandom. -Damian
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