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Re: [tor-talk] How to Control middle Nodes?


My test, based on windows, so for VoIP clients I use Phonerlite, it use UDP. because of TOR is TCP based, I will use openvpn to transferring udp packet through TOR network. Caller and Callee know each other. so this concept will anonymous to third party only.
I will use tor network only without hidden services.

I have make calling test with default tor configuration, from 10 calling test, I got 2 calling test with latency less than 400 ms. so, in my mind, there is possibility to transfer voice packets through tor network. in this test, I need tor bandwidth constantly about 30-34 kbps. and then, I configure Entry and Exit Nodes with high bandwidth. I did calling test for this configuration. but did not calculate yet the result.

for Entry and Exit Nodes, we can configure in torrc files,
we can use "EntryNodes $fingerprint,$fingerprint,$..." for specific entry nodes and "ExitNodes $fingerprint,$fingerprint,..." for specific exit nodes. but for middle nodes, I don't know how to set it up. Reducing latency in this case, I should configure all nodes (entry,middle,exit) in same Continent and try to find nodes with high bandwidth and low user. to connect openvpn and tor i use privoxy as socks5 proxy.

in windows, is there TorCtl file?

Best regards,

On 5/31/12 12:27 PM, Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) wrote:
On 5/31/12 12:21 PM, Maimun Rizal wrote:
Hi all,
I want to know how to control middle nodes in TOR?

Currently, I want to do voip through Tor network, i have tried make 10
test call, but only 2 test call with latency less than 400 ms, so, my
plan to control nodes in tor which through by voice packet.
- Which kind of software are you trying to use for such VoIP?
   - Which protocol does it uses?
- Are you trying to achieve mutual-anonimity, so communicating with Tor
Hidden Services or going with/trough an Internet peer?

In order to control the middle node i would suggest you to create a code
that, via Tor Control Protocol, establish manually Tor Circuits, Measure
the latency.

Then by default Circuit change every 10 minutes.
You need to put it to an higher value, so that when you find a circuit
that have the latency caracteristics that you need, you can use this.

But you probably need to make some manual scripting/hacking trough
TorCtl/Tor Control Protocol.

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