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Re: [tor-talk] How to Control middle Nodes?

On 31/05/12 16:29, Maimun Rizal wrote:

> My test, based on windows, so for VoIP clients I use Phonerlite, it use 
> UDP. because of TOR is TCP based, I will use openvpn to transferring udp 
> packet through TOR network.
> Caller and Callee know each other. so this concept will anonymous to 
> third party only.
> I will use tor network only without hidden services.
> I have make calling test with default tor configuration, from 10 calling 
> test, I got 2 calling test with latency less than 400 ms. so, in my 
> mind, there is possibility to transfer voice packets through tor network.
> in this test, I need tor bandwidth constantly about 30-34 kbps. and 
> then, I configure Entry and Exit Nodes with high bandwidth. I did 
> calling test for this configuration. but did not calculate yet the result.
> for Entry and Exit Nodes, we can configure in torrc files,
> we can use "EntryNodes $fingerprint,$fingerprint,$..." for specific 
> entry nodes and "ExitNodes $fingerprint,$fingerprint,..." for specific 
> exit nodes. but for middle nodes, I don't know how to set it up. 
> Reducing latency in this case, I should configure all nodes 
> (entry,middle,exit) in same Continent and try to find nodes with high 
> bandwidth and low user. to connect openvpn and tor i use privoxy as 
> socks5 proxy.
> in windows, is there TorCtl file?

You may get better results by dropping the middle nodes altogether and
just using two hop circuits. Depends on your anonymity requirements.
Here's an old blog post I wrote to explain how to do it:


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