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Re: [tor-talk] "*.onion" performance tru "onion.to"

On 20/05/12 22:50, Jesus Cea wrote:

> I am thinking about deploying a few "*.onion" services, and I am
> getting a quite surprising result: accessing the services from the
> open web via "onion.to" proxy is *FAR* faster that going TOR native.
> What am I doing wrong?.
> Example of accessing "burninetliliito5.onion"
> Via "onion.to" proxy service: 3.44 seconds.
> Via TOR native: 9.21 seconds.

At a guess:

man torrc:

Tor2webMode 0|1

When this option is set, Tor connects to hidden services
non-anonymously. This option also disables client connections to
non-hidden-service hostnames through Tor. It must only be used when
running a tor2web Hidden Service web proxy. To enable this option the
compile time flag --enable-tor2webmode must be specified. (Default: 0)

My understanding that when enabling Tor2webMode, the number of hops
between you and the hidden service is reduced. This is because under
normal circumstances both the client and server get anonymity when using
hidden services. When somebody uses a tor2web style service though,
they're basically giving up their client anonymity to the web service,
so the number of hops for the client side of the connection is reduced
to improve performance.

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