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[tor-talk] : torslap!

A while back
Moritz Bartl


>Sites that sometimes get hit by random scans and the like, not currently
under active attack, could also obviously benefit from torslap. I
haven't read the whole thread, but (Re)CAPTCHA could be considered a
cheap and powerful "proof of work", too.

When considering these things, it's worth being aware of cheap services
like that will solve captchas in 15 seconds at a cost of $1.39 for 1000
solved CAPTCHAs.:


"CAPTCHA Bypass done right

With Death by Captcha you can solve any CAPTCHA. All you need to do is
implement our API, pass us your CAPTCHAs and we?ll return the text. It?s
that easy!

Please note that our services should be used only for research projects
and any illegal use of our services is strictly prohibited. Any bypass and
CAPTCHA violations should be reported to emaildbcapiserver.com

Death by Captcha Offers:

    Starting from an incredible low price of $1.39 for 1000 solved CAPTCHAs.
    A hybrid system composed of the most advanced OCR system on the
market, along with a 24/7 team of CAPTCHA solvers.
    An average response time of 15 seconds, with an average accuracy rate
of 90% or more. And you always pay for correctly solved CAPTCHA only!
    Easy-to-use API available for most popular programming languages.
    DeCaptcher and Antigate (Anti-Captcha) API support to make migration
to Death by Captcha as easy as possible.

Some forum managers report this service works.  Captcha passing doesn't
necessarily mean a forum visitor is a human.  They could be a bot who uses
a cheap Captcha breaking service.

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