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[tor-talk] Question on adding TBB UI changes to userChrome.css & fingerprinting

I wonder if _instead_ of using addons for certain things in TBB, if the same effect can be achieved by using code in *userChrome.css file*, would that in any way allow pages to gather info on the UI changes, to use for fingerprinting? I know a lot can be detected, but I don't know that a tab progress bar, or tabs text color can be detected by sites.

Say, adding a progress bar in the tabs (because many pages are slow to load using Tor - not sure if hung or still loading). It functions like the tab progress bar in addons like TabMixPlus or Informational Tab, but *w/o using an addon.*

If there's no risk in making changes via userChrome.css, I came across simple code that will add a thin progress line across tabs, as loading progresses. If anyone's interested.

The "throbber" is of no use to me. It often keeps spinning when pages are hopelessly stalled (until they time out).

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